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Maths Club is designed to develop your child's understanding of mathematics.  Exploring numbers and mathematical patterns to build a strong mathematical understanding, giving them the confidence to succeed.

Group tutoring is learning build around the individual strengths and weaknesses in the group.  We have found that this setting helps build their confidence and allows them to share their understanding and knowledge.  We recommend these sessions for exam preparation such as 11+ and entrance exams

Individual Sessions.  This is an individualized program of study that starts with an assessment of your child's needs.  We build a program around their learning needs and help them discover how to become a confident learner. We aim to give your child the confidence to succeed and achieve their true potential. 

Creative Writing Classes is a program that guides your child to become an author in their own right.  We will explore genres as a group and then produce a piece of writing that is uniquely their own.

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